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The world is continuing to change in a dangerous direction, with ever-increasing natural disasters, change in climate, consumer waste, species, and habitat loss. As individuals the problems facing us can be overwhelming and it is often hard to know how we can help. The scale and complexity of the exploitation of our resources is immense and so the problems are wide and varied. As our lifestyle is more urban and market driven, we lack the time, motivation, and environmental ‘expertise’ to tackle the major issues.

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World house

Need to change

World house

As our world changes, there is a need for us to change too. At world house we believe the key to create change is to work together. We need a space where we can develop together, give support, share knowledge and resources, and celebrate our cultural identities and creative spirit. We need to listen to each other, encourage each other, and work effectively together. The intended result will be quantifiable change and improved education in environmental matters.

World House

World house

World House is an organisation which brings people who are enthusiastic about environmental change together. World House is made up of many Houses, which are collectively known as ‘World House’. Houses contain people with mixed life experience and education in environment from countries around the world. Each House will be made of roughly 20 people (small enough for connectivity, large enough for diversity) and all ages and talents are encouraged to join. Houses are occupied by adults (18+) though work will be done through local connections with teachers supervision in schools.

Houses will operate individually setting agendas, tasks and goals but sharing of projects and confirmation with World House can take place. Each house is run by 3 mentors who are responsible to motivate and encourage as well as to sort out problems. Anyone who joins can leave at any time just by removing themselves from the house WhatsApp. As a member you can get involved with other’s projects or start your own, actively share your ideas and thoughts through text, documents, videos, and art with other people on the platforms provided by World House.

Drawing from the experience and through skill sharing with other members of your house (members of houses will have a rich range of life skills and broad education) you will actively work on projects and develop success. The types of work you might be involved in could be: identifying main environmental environmental concerns in your area and reporting back to the house with a video, using photography to illustrate a problem, carrying out investigations and surveys, developing environmental curriculums and clubs in schools through partnerships with teachers, carrying out practical clean up projects, influencing people with campaigns to reduce carbon emission, writing articles, lobbying, planting trees/enhancing the environment, and where appropriate protesting. World house will act as an efficient team to help you on your way.

We hope you will be enthusiastic and motivated enough to join us.

We will be using WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram as our means of communication.

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If you are interested please fill in the application form and get back to us.

If you are too busy but like the idea of our work then please donate.


Donations will go to environmentally and wildlife protection charities. When needed, a small portion will also be contributed to World House’s admin team to help with the upkeep of our website.

Charities we donate to:

  • One Tree Planted
  • The Ocean Clean Up
  • International Anti-Poaching Foundation
  • Endangered Species International
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